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Thread: New bike

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    New bike

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Tarman View Post
    Graham, that's a really good-looking bike! How tall is it? I was at the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association's STAR rally (which you already knew) and they had an Africa Twin for their bike raffle. It was a beautiful bike, but I would have needed at least a two-foot stepladder to have gotten onto it. Fortunately, I didn't win it. :-)
    It's a little taller Phil, on the NT I can flat-foot one side and tip-toe the other. With the 800X it is tip-toe both sides. My guess is it's maybe an inch taller. I believe it does have a height-adjustable saddle, although I do not know whether the loaners saddle was set on the high or low position, only that it was good for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by junglejim View Post
    I hope your dealer is more honest than mine. I recently negotiated a trade at a Triumph dealer to trade in my NT on a Tiger 800 XRx. I ended up accepting $500 less than I wanted for my NT. But when I went to pick it up (160 miles away) the sales manager told me that he had to lower the trade in price by another $800 (total trade in value $2,200). This I found out only after I had loaded the new Tiger in my truck for the trip home. As it ended up we had a big disagreement. I didn't trade in the NT, but I did get the Tiger. I'll never return to that dealership again. And I learned that any future deals will need to be better documented.
    Jim, really sorry to hear of your bad experience with that dealer - I would not be using them again if I was in your position. I am fortunate to already have a great long-term relationship with my dealer, and the deal has been documented and signed by both parties so I don't anticipate any problems. Hope you enjoy your Tiger - I have also been looking at this model but I think that for me the Honda worked out a little better, and of course it is available in the UK. I really hope Honda start selling this model in the states soon, I'm sure it would sell pretty well.

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    Re: New bike

    Quote Originally Posted by Mellow View Post
    Ok.. I was thinking that was the 1200X... heck we don't even get the 800X over here.. congrats on the new ride.
    Same here ! I think the 800 would do great over here. I would even consider that one and appears to be shaft drive. If the luggage would be decent, I'd be sold.

    Edit: Oh PS; Beautiful bike by the way !
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    Re: New bike

    Quote Originally Posted by gbrand42 View Post
    I hope you don't mind if I stick around as I really enjoy this forum.
    Hey, they let me hang around and I have never owned an NT.
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