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Thread: New member in south Devon

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    Re: New member in south Devon

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Tarman View Post
    Ha! There are more of us than there are of you. We win the vote on spelling.
    I will quote the renowned gag.
    "Don't you know the Queen's English?
    Sure I do, she lives in Buckingham Palace!"

    Boom, Boom

    I admit that your spelling of many words is more practical than British English, which we use!


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    Re: New member in south Devon

    The old joke is that after the War of Independence Americans stopped using the extra "u" in many English words to make it clear they wanted "U", as in the British, out of Here. Being a half Brit, who lived in the U.K. for awhile, I alternate between to the two spelling styles to equally offend everyone...
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