We've been using this at ST-Owners.com for several years now and it's been a nice
tool for those traveling and in need of some help on the road.

You'll see a new Riding drop down in the menu bar, that drop down will show you the RAN
List link.

In order to show up on the list, you'll need to go into your Settings/Edit Profile and fill
out the RAN List fields. Please make sure you add a Name, Country, State/Province,
Town or Area and at least one phone number. Important: You must click the
"Include My Details" check box or nothing will show up.

Every year, towards the beginning of the year, I will clear out the check box and
add a notice to everyone's view of the site to update your RAN info, this will
help keep the info up to date and accurate.

Please note, the link and the data on the page will ONLY be displayed if you are a
verified member of the site and have posted so spammers will not be able to extract
any of this information. If you are still uncomfortable with this, please don't add your
information as this is about as secure as we can get for this type of feature.

Also, please ONLY use this if you need help. This is not a contact list for folks to say
HI it's for emergency type needs. If someone tells you 'hey, get my number from the
RAN List" then that's a different story.

I'm always looking at ways to improve upon this so if you have any ideas just shout.