Okay, now that we have a RAN list, I've added a supporting feature for that.

There is now a Rider Assistance sub-forum.

You can post if you, or someone you know, needs help. This is for
emergencies, if you are stuck somewhere and need some type of assistance to get
you back home or along your way.

All new threads will be moderated, one of the other mods or myself will need to review
the thread before it will be approved and the rest of the membership can see it.

Also, ONLY posts pertaining to the assistance are allowed, as nice as a 'Great Job' or
'Way to go' sounds, those posts will be deleted to keep the info in the thread as
concise and detailed to just the help needed.

There are four status/prefixes for the threads in that section:
Red-1-Rider Missing,
Orange-2-Rider stranded w/mechanical Issues,
Blue-3-Rider away from home needing parts,
Green-4-Resolved or No Issue

If a thread is posted and you feel you have access to the help being requested you
you can post here.

The threads, once Resolved, will be closed.

This has worked well on STO, you can see some past requests for assistance here.